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Photo: Four years of “war” with birds

The user Imgur talked about his many years of trying to wean the birds to nest nests under his roof.

The user Imgur under the nickname atomicrabbit2 has published several pictures reflecting his four-year struggle with the birds, who were nesting near the house. The story became viral.

“So, we bought a new house. In this house there is a nice gas fireplace, and the hood is carefully taken out to the rear door. The problem was that this small corner was an ideal place for nesting birds – it’s under the roof, and it’s warm from the fireplace “
«August of 2014. The first time I noticed these guys, they caught me off guard, but I thought they were just trying to keep warm. They flew away whenever I walked through the back door, scaring me. At first I ignored it, but they began to build a nest inside the pipe “
“March 2015. The next spring I decided to wrap the hood with a mesh. I was proud of the neat little cage I made, patted my back and realized that this is what I need “
“May 2015. Apparently not quite. They found a small gap above the pipe to build a neat little nest. Good. No chicks, so the nest disappeared. Simple enough “
«May 2016 …»
“It’s starting to get annoying. So I added up spikes from the birds, which were supposed to scare them forever. But no. They returned with a vengeance – this not only did not deter them, but the spikes seemed to stabilize the nest. This time they brought a colored twine! I cleared the nest, but the next day they returned with a blue twine. He also cleaned it, but they brought more. They must have somewhere a spare pile “
“June 2016. Want to fight me? Great, more bird spikes! They will not build anything else “
«May 2017. Hell»
«July 2017. Damn the devil»
“Completely closed the hole above”
“I’m smarter than you, rubbish”
“May 2018. What for ?! How?! Apparently, I left a small hole on the right, the birds were able to get inside and built a whole settlement “
“May 2018. Meet Dr. Who. He frightened the birds, and they no longer return “
“July 2018. Closed the slot on the right. Four years later, a lot of bird shit and six iterations, I think this is the last option. If I see them next year, I’ll just give up and start taking their rent from them “
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