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Makhachkala “Anji” on the verge of bankruptcy – the club barely found money for the plane until the next game

Once, one of the richest Russian teams can now not finish the season due to lack of funds.

Midfielder “Anji” Amur Kalmykov. Photos from the official site of the club

Football club “Anji” from Makhachkala faced financial problems and may not finish the season in the Russian Premier League (RFPL). This is the third Russian club, which ceased to exist in 2018.

Less than a week before the first game, the management of “Anji” with difficulty found money to fly to Ekaterinburg, and before the start of the tournament said that he was not going to buy new players.

From the beginning of summer, “Anji” is looking for sponsors and funding sources

The president of “Anji” Osman Kadiev for the first time confirmed the existence of problems with financing because of the lack of sponsors and support of the government of the region. Prior to this, the media wrote that the team does not have money to rent a stadium in Makhachkala, and also that it had to abandon the youth squad of Anji 2.

In the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports, Makhachkala announced that they had not yet allocated funds to help “Anji”. According to Kadiev, he met with the administration several times, but he is still looking for investors and sponsors. For this reason, the team only five days before the match with the “Ural” found money for air tickets to Yekaterinburg. And the office workers of the team moved from the stadium to a “less expensive room”.

The club went to the Premier League due to the fact that the other team went bankrupt

At the end of June Perm “Amkar”, who won in the play-offs and kept a place in the Premier League, lost his license because of problems with money. The Russian Football Union made such a decision, because the club could not provide “financial guarantees”.

“Anji” in their play-offs lost to the third team of the FNL “Yenisei” from Krasnoyarsk. According to the rules of the Russian league, he was the next team that has the right to take the place of “Amkar”. The club decided to apply for a new season, but for a month refused the services of 11 players without signing any.

We are very close to a very bad start of the season. This should be talked about openly. We do not hide this situation. Today the club does not have what we want. For him, the young will play, for the means that are possible.

When some players leave, it’s quite natural, I can not hold them, I can not lie. We will try to fix everything, but today there is no ready-made recipe.

Osman Kadiev
president of Anji

Former head coach of “Anji” admitted that the team will not finish the season

One of the most famous Russian coaches Haji Hajiyev, who worked with Anji in 2013-2014, admitted that the team may not finish the season due to financial problems. According to him, representatives of the republic’s leadership and owners of the club speak about this.

Recommendations to date on the situation which? Tighten the belts tighter, minimize costs and try to eliminate the existing debt. Suppose now there are 25 players in the team. Leave 16, add to them players from the youth team. But be sure to minimize costs and try to straighten out the financial situation. Otherwise, we can lose the club. Let him be in the first league, but he will.

Haji Hajiyev
former coach of Anji

July 22, “Anji” played the last preseason match with “Arsenal” from Tula – the teams dispersed a draw. The next match of the Makhachkala team against the “Urals” will be held on July 28.

“Anji” became known as one of the richest clubs in Russia with former players of “Inter” and “Real” in the composition

In 2011, the owner of “Anji” was businessman Suleiman Kerimov, named by Forbes magazine as one of the richest people in Russia in 2013-2014.

In the next two seasons he seriously strengthened the team world-class players: Inter forward Samuel Eto’o, former Real Madrid defender Roberto Carlos, Chelsea defender Yuri Zhirkov and Atletico Mineiro striker Diego Tardelli. Trainer appointed Guus Hiddink, who worked with the Russian national team. In addition, Kerimov built in Makhachkala stadium “Anji-Arena” and opened a youth academy.

Thanks to the new strategy, “Anji” took third place in the Premier League and reached the final of the Cup of Russia. In the European League the club reached the 1/8 finals, according to the decision of UEFA, playing games not in Dagestan, but in Moscow. However, by the end of 2013 Kerimov started the financial reorganization of the team – expensive foreign players left, and the club bets on young Russian players.

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