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Leading Fox News after an interview with Putin went on vacation in Russia

“I had doubts. But then I thought: “Why not?”


News anchor Fox News Chris Wallace told The New York Times that he went on vacation in Russia. This happened a week after the journalist interviewed Vladimir Putin, where he also talked about terrorism and the “Novice”.

According to Wallace, together with his wife, he visited St. Petersburg and Moscow. He was recognized by several spectators, but there were no other reasons for concern for the journalist.

I had doubts. But then I thought: “Why not?”. As a result, there were no hints of trouble or anything like that.

Chris Wallace
news anchor Fox News

Chris Wallace is one of the moderators of the pre-election debate of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016. On July 17, 2018, Fox News published an interview of the journalist with the Russian president – this is his second conversation with Putin since 2005.

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