Information from the new Macbook Pro will not be restored if the board is damaged

Recently, Apple began selling Macbook Pro with Intel Core i9 processors. It turned out that these modifications have problems with strong heating at high loads, but this is not all the nuances of the new Apple laptops.

A feature of the current generation Macbook Pro (debuted at the end of 2016) is that the SSD is located directly on the motherboard and can not be changed separately. Because of this, with problems with the board, it is likely that only authorized Apple centers will be able to save information from the repository. But now this possibility seems to have become a thing of the past.

To transfer data from the Macbook Pro to the damaged board, a proprietary gadget was used, which is available from specialists of service centers. It is connected via the USB-C connector, and using the Migration Assistant, the data is copied to another card.

Analysis of the Macbook Pro 2018 model year, specialists iFixit showed that Apple has removed the connector for data transfer. This applies to 13- and 15-inch versions of the laptop with touch panel Touch Bar. Resource MacRumors found out from representatives of authorized centers that such a problem really appeared. Presumably, Apple has removed the possibility of data recovery due to the appearance of the T2 chip, which is responsible for encryption of information.

It seems that now the most reliable way to secure information from your SSD is to make regular copies through Time Machine.

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