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In the US, a man shot his father three children who pushed him to the ground

The squabble started because of parking the car in place for the disabled. The police have no complaints, because the state of Florida has the “Stand your ground” law, which allows you to protect yourself by any available means.

Britney Jacobs was in a car parked in the place for the disabled, when Michael Drake approached the car and began asking about permission to park at that location. At that moment, Britanni’s friend Mark McGlonnton came out of the store and pushed Michael to the ground without any investigation.

After the fall, the man took out a gun and after a while fired a shot at Mark who, after getting injured, went to the store where he fell in front of his 5-year-old son, after which he lost consciousness. Upon arrival at the hospital Mark was declared dead.

Sheriff of Pinellas district Bob Gualteri at a press conference said that the police have no complaints about Michael, as in Florida there is a law that allows the use of any force for self-defense purposes.

The “Stand your ground” law is an excuse in a criminal case in which defendants can “stand on their own” and use force to protect themselves or others from threats or perceived threats.

This law is fully operational in 27 US states. In others, the law is limited, for example, to finding it only in your car, or after applying this law the self-defending should publicly retreat.

The girl said that in the car with her were found two more of their children, one of whom was not yet four months old. Now she is in search of a lawyer who can bring Mark to justice. The Sheriff’s department, meanwhile, sent the case to the Okrug Procurator.

In social networks, this incident caused a twofold reaction – some protect the shooter, others on the contrary, believe that it was possible to avoid shooting.

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