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In Texas, a child was born in a fast food restaurant

On Tuesday night, a couple from San Antonio, Robert and Falon went to the hospital, but stopped at the popular American fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A to leave their two daughters with friends.

While the father was away with the children to his friends, his wife suddenly experienced a fight and immediately went to the restroom.


“I did not know that I would have a baby there! I went to the toilet , “she told local journalists.

When the husband returned from friends, the manager informed him that he heard screams from the restroom and called 911 as he realized that it was serious.

The returning husband had to take delivery right in the restroom before the ambulance arrived.

In honor of this event, the chain of fast food restaurants “Chick-fil-A” provided the newborn with a life-long subscription for free food and guaranteed work when she turns 14.

About this all Robert wrote a great post on Facebook.

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