In iOS 12 significantly expand the capabilities of HomePod

The other day Apple released another beta version of the firmware HomePod OS 12.0 beta for the same “smart” column. This update is distributed in a closed test mode and can be installed only by individual employees of the company’s stores.

According to the resource iGeneration, the new firmware significantly expands the capabilities of HomePod, which will become available after the release of iOS 12.

HomePod has learned to answer phone calls, activate the Find iPhone function via Siri, and run several timers simultaneously.

Now when connected to the iPhone HomePod redirect the call to the column can only be after a response on the smartphone. In addition, the column does not have access to the user’s contact list.

Developers Apple is currently actively testing the call feature and are planning to add the ability to read voice messages, as well as search in the history of calls.

HomePod’s capabilities are gradually expanding, but perhaps not as fast as end users would have liked. 9to5 ]

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