How to track discounts in the iTunes Store

Tell me how to track discounts in the iTunes Store? I want to learn about discounts on movies, TV shows and music. 
– Andrei

Hello Andrei.

Track discounts can and should be. To monitor sales of movies and music, do the following:

1. Install the CheapCharts application from the App Store.

2. Allow the display of notifications when the program is first started.

3. Make sure that the desired region for tracking is selected in the application settings.

4. Go to the appropriate section (Video / TV Shows / Music).

5. Find the content you want to track the price for.

6. With a long tap, open the menu and add it to the wish list.

Now when the price changes, the application will report this.

Unfortunately, a simple selection with a list of discounts is available only for the section Music, movies and TV shows for domestic iTunes program does not group. We hope that developers will add this feature in future updates.

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