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German students broke the trolley for the Hyperloop system to 457 km / h

A group of engineering students from the Munich Technical University set a new speed record for the transport system in the tunnel. They dispersed the trolley to 457 km / h.

The event was held as part of the competition among students from Hyperloop. The task was to create a trolley for dispersal in a pipe length of 1.2 kilometers. The one who wins the maximum speed will win, and the platform needed to be done independently. As a result, the fastest was the WARR Hyperloop.

The same team twice in 2017 won in similar competitions. Their platform weighs 70 kilograms, driven by an electric motor with a power of 50 kV. Pneumatic brakes stop the trolley in 5 seconds.

A year ago the team of Ilona Mask, who suggested the idea of ​​Hyperloop, was able to accelerate the truck to 355 km / h. Now several independent companies are engaged in ultra-fast transport, capable of moving in a vacuum pipe.

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