German electronic band Kraftwerk played with an astronaut in orbit

Together they performed a fragment of the song called “Spacelab”.

German group Kraftwerk, considered one of the founders of electronic music, performed her song “Spacelab” (“Space Laboratory”) in a duet with astronaut Alexander Gerst (Alexander Gerst), who is on the ISS.

Using a tablet computer with a virtual synthesizer, Gerst together with the band played the song of 1978, and also greeted the audience.

The ISS is a human machine [“Human Machine” is the name of the Kraftwerk album, released in 1987]. This is the most complex and most expensive machine ever created by the hands of man. More than 100 different countries work peacefully here and achieve what no country can achieve. We are developing technologies on board the ISS to go beyond our current horizons and prepare for further steps into space – to the Moon and to Mars.

Alexander Gerst

Gerst became not the first “space musician”. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (Chris Hadfield) shot on board the ISS a video camera for the song of David Bowie “Space Oddity” and played in a duet with a group of Barenaked Ladies. And the American astronaut Ron McNair planned to play the saxophone from orbit with the composer Jean-Michel Jarre in 1986, but died during the crash of the shuttle “Challenger”.

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