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Countries G20 will come up with control over crypto-loans by October

At the meeting in Argentina, the G-20 countries, among other topics, discussed the situation with the crypto-currencies. The politicians decided that by October, an international standard for the control of digital currencies should be developed.

The main task of the future document is to exclude terrorist financing and money laundering, which is now being done with the help of crypto-currency. How it is planned to do this is unknown. At the same time it is noted that at the moment the crypto-currencies do not pose a threat to the stability of the global financial system.

The rate of bitcoin in the meantime is approaching $ 8000: at the time of writing the news, the price is about $ 7,750. By the end of 2017 bitkoin set a record, getting close to $ 20 thousand, but then the price quickly dropped to about $ 7-8 thousand.

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