What to do if the iPhone does not see AirPods

My AirPods worked fine with the iPhone, but one day the smartphone stopped seeing them. It seems that the headphones just hung up and do not connect to any device. 
– Vitaliy

Hello, Vitaly.

Apple’s headset is a rather complex and technological gadget that may well hang. Fortunately, it happens quite rarely and you can reset it at home.

To reset the headset, you need:

1. Place both earphones in the charging case.

2. Charge them, so that both the case and headphones have enough charge.

3. Open the case cover and hold the button on the back of the case for a few seconds.

Flashing white indicator will indicate that the reset was successful.

Now the headset should be reattached to any of its devices.

A similar reset procedure is convenient to make and before selling headphones.

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