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Producer Toblerone will return the original design of chocolate after the indignation of the British

The distance between the projections will decrease again, and the weight will increase along with the price.

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Mondelēz decided to return the classic form of Toblerone chocolate in the UK. In 2016, the design was changed: weight was reduced by increasing the distance between the triangles of chocolate. This was reported by The Guardian with reference to the statement of the company.

Mondelēz decided to increase the weight of the chocolate by 33% – from 150 to 200 grams: this is more than it weighed before the change in shape. The price of Toblerone will grow with the weight at least 2-3 times or 1-2 pounds sterling (at 80-160 rubles)

In November 2016 Mondelēz changed the design of Toblerone, reducing the weight of chocolate from 170 to 150 grams and from 400 to 360 grams. The company had to increase the gap between the protuberances of chocolate due to the rise in price of components in order to keep the shape and packaging.

The news about this attracted the attention of Toblerone fans in social networks. They began to write angry comments on the pages of Mondelēz, calling such a decision “the most stupid.” Commentators saw the reason for the design change in Brexit, although the company denied it.

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