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In Los Angeles, an armed criminal for three hours held hostages in a supermarket, one person was killed

The attacker was detained.

In Los Angeles, an armed man, trying to hide from the police, barricaded himself in the supermarket Trader Joe’s. He kept at least three hours of visitors and store employees, as a result, one woman was killed. This was reported to CNN with reference to the mayor of the city Eric Garcetti (Eric Garcetti).

Police officers started chasing the man after he shot his grandmother and another woman, and then tried to escape by car. A Los Angeles police officer, Michael Lopez, said that the man took with him a wounded woman.

During the chase, the criminal several times shot at the police, then he broke the car and disappeared in a nearby supermarket, where there were at least 40 people. According to eyewitnesses, some of them started jumping out of the window, others lay on the floor.

About three hours after the supermarket was seized, the man agreed to surrender to the police and independently left through the main door of the building, CNBC writes . He was immediately detained, his name is not specified. It is known that he is 28 years old.

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