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“I would be ashamed to give this”: the British was enraged by the new economical form of Toblerone

In mid-October, Mondelēz representatives warned the British chocolate fans Toblerone that in the near future its form would change “due to the rise in price of some ingredients.” A few weeks later, updated tiles attracted the attention of users of social networks, provoking a wave of angry comments on the manufacturer. This is reported by the BBC .

The new form of Toblerone
The new form of Toblerone

To reduce the weight of the Toblerone tile, while retaining its shape and the size of the package, Mondelēz had to noticeably push apart the triangular projections on it. 400-gram chocolate became 360-gramme, and 170-gramme chocolate – 150-gramme. According to the representatives of Mondelēz, this decision was made in order for Toblerone to remain affordable for most buyers.

However, the consumers themselves did not like this explanation . In Facebook, a squall of disgruntled comments appeared on the company’s page.

It was necessary simply to raise the price. People do not eat Toblerone every day. You could even double the cost, and people would still continue to buy it. Fools.

Nicholas Barker

This is probably the most stupid corporate decision of all time. Do you sell premium chocolate, which is known primarily for its original form, and to save some money change its shape? Now you have a premium chocolate that looks like a self-parody.

You could cut the length of the tiles, you could reduce them by 10% so that no one would notice, you could raise prices for existing tiles and start selling new, cheaper and smaller sizes for those who do not want to spend more.

Instead, you have damaged your brand and made its fans feel cheated. I would be ashamed if I gave someone a chocolate bar, and she suddenly turned out to be like that.

Michael Tate

Many commentators have noted that the new form of Toblerone is an erroneous decision in terms of marketing. Tiles lost only 10% of weight, but because of the displaced triangles, they look like they lost 50%, which gives the opposite effect desired by the manufacturer.

“Forgive me, Mr. Tobleron, but where are my triangles !?” Just opened a chocolate tile of disappointment ”

“Tobleron, you can explain to me what’s going on … it looks like half the tile is gone”

“Tobleron will reach its peak of pity by 2020”

“I’m surprised at how large indents are needed to cut the weight of the tile by only 20 grams”
Despite the fact that Mondelēz denies the connection of changes with Brexit, the brand’s fans believe that the rise in price was due to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, since the new design has so far appeared only in this country.

“Brexit Gets Form”

The news about the redesign of the Toblerone tile quickly became the most widely read on the BBC, surpassing the popularity of the US presidential election.

“It’s nice to see how people set their priorities today”

As The Verge notes , manufacturers regularly reduce the size of products in order to maintain a competitive price. For example, in 2008, a bar of Mars was unobtrusively light for everyone by 4.5 grams.

Recently, this is not the first scandal associated with the rise in price of products in the UK. In late October, Apple raised the prices of its laptops in this country: due to the weakening of the local currency, some MacBook Pro models went up by 500 pounds sterling 

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