How to get weather forecast on iPhone lock screen with iOS 12

One of the interesting chips iOS 12 – a display of the morning weather forecast. The user, picking up the smartphone, sees all the missed notifications for the night and the weather forecast for the day.

So you can not run the application and do not display a special widget for this.

Activate the chip is not the most obvious way, you have to run on different menus to make it work.

How to set the weather forecast on the lock screen:

1. First you need to allow the Weather application to always determine the location of the smartphone.

This is done in the Settings – Privacy – Geolocation Services – Weather menu . Of course, the inclusion of regular tracking for the application will negatively affect the battery charge, but only so will the weather forecast on the lock screen.

2. Now you should set Do Not Disturb ( Settings – Do Not Disturb ) mode . Activate the main switch and set the time interval for the mode.

3. The last necessary condition is the activation of the parameter Going to sleep ( Settings – Do Not Disturb ).

Now after the Do Not Disturb mode has been completed, the weather screen for the current location will be displayed on the lock screen for the near future.

There is another little trick. For example, if you need to know the weather forecast not in the morning, but at 18:00 by the time you leave work at home.

To do this, set Do Not Disturb only for a minute from 17:59 to 18:00. The mode will turn on and off in a minute, and the weather forecast will appear on the screen exactly in time.

For several days I’m testing the chip on the iPhone 7 Plus and did not notice any significant decrease in the autonomy of the gadget.

It’s strange, why could not you just add a customizable notification display time in the settings?

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