How to add a handwritten note to a letter on the iPhone

Correspondence by e-mail is often accompanied by explanations and clarifications. If we are talking about working moments, then people with different thoughts can long and tediously send each other an ambiguous text, but never come to a common understanding of the situation.

Help to understand in this case can even a simple drawing or diagram.


It will be so easy to express your thoughts and make an explanation more accessible to another person.

When the correspondence is conducted through the iPhone, inserting the picture in the correspondence seems to be a long and difficult task. Not everyone knows that there is a fairly quick way to add a drawing or sketch to a message using the standard Mail application .

How to add a handwritten note

1. Open the window for writing a letter or reply in the application.

2. Tap into the text of the message twice to display the context menu.

3. Scroll through the menu options and find Insert Picture .

4. The handwriting input field opens. After finishing drawing, click Finish and confirm the insertion of the picture in the message.

That’s how you can quickly add an explanatory picture, draw a smiley or just express some thoughts via email.

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