How is the underground market of second-hand iPhone in USA

According to world statistics, in the last year, 2017, about 140 million supported deviceswere sold in the world , which together is as much as 13% higher than the year before.

One of the largest markets for the turnover of supported phones is the United States of America. I’m from there, I’m repairing the iPhone.

For a long time I wanted to share with readers how the purchase and sale and the further fate of the used phones are here.

Who does need a second-hand iPhone in America?

The first and most important factor in the movement of used handsets is telecom operatorswho have long tied Americans to two-year contracts with the option of replacing the phone with a newer model each year.

Returned devices usually settle with resellers, which massively buy phones operators AT & T , Verizon or Sprint . For them, no matter the quality, there are scratches on the case or even any defects. The main thing is to make the screen whole.

With these phones, the department works further, which reveals all the errors and on their own eliminates them, since now in China you can buy a ready-to-use case with all the small details inside. All you need to do is throw the motherboard and drive the phone through a special software that will test its stuffing.

The most important consumer of the restored devices are insurance companies . They buy phones in good condition and, when the next clumsy owner turns to them with a broken screen or a “drowned man,” they send him the restored one.

Thus, 75% of all used phones are returned to the US market .

Another way that a restored phone from the United States is doing is sending it to other countries . The largest markets are China, Latin America, Africa, India and Russia.

Among all the phones that go abroad, the iPhone is considered a tasty morsel. It is better sold for a double price there than released back to the American market. Export of used iPhones and other gadgets takes about 20% of the US used market.

Well, and phones below the cost of profit are sent for analysis . First, all spare parts that can be used anywhere are removed. Then the remains are recycled and sorted out for metals.

For many people, the phone is such a shiny box that can call and do “self”. But having processed one million devices, you can get:

  • 17.64 tons of copper
  • 350 kg of silver
  • 34 kg of gold
  • 15 kg palladium

The volumes seem to be large, but in China, where this is usually done, nothing is impossible. All the above-mentioned metals can then be put back into circulation. The share of completely “refusal” gadgets and iPhone accounts for 5% of the US market.

Affects the situation and the company itself, Apple, which the last 6-7 years, began selling in the US untied from the operators of the iPhone.

People buying such a smartphone spend more money, but they have complete freedom to choose the tariff without imposing their terms on the giants of the telecommunications business. Such phones are usually used before winning or sold through local sites and services.

We will talk about them further.

Where to buy and sell used iPhone simple Americans

In the United States, there are a lot of places to buy Apple’s supported hardware. There are absolutely safe places. And there are flea markets on which you can pay a bloody “green ruble” for your stinginess.

Let’s look at a few examples of such places.

Craigslist. Like Avito, but much more dangerous

Craigslist – buy-sell platform, previously very popular with Americans. Its main difference from other sites is that you can only buy live. He saw the announcement, agreed, came, bought. No deliveries.

But with the advent of mobile applications, Craigslist pushed into the background companies LetGo and OfferUp . Cool and comfortable. I came in and saw the iPhone or iPad I liked, immediately, through chat, I made an appointment, then I arrived and bought it.

Truth is, there is one big BUT. Most often you can just rob …

Most of the seller does not want to go to you. We have to appoint appointments ourselves and go somewhere. There are many cases where sellers simply robbed or maimed buyers. For this purpose , the US police even allowed the use of their sites as a sale and purchase center!

It is also worth noting that, in addition to robbery, you can be deceived by ignorance. Instead of the iPhone slip the Chinese “clone” on Android. And only here it will be possible to snatch “ref” , that is, a hand-crafted phone. However, such a problem is much more urgent for Russia.

I must say that in the US the very theme of Chinese and basement “refs” prevails only on the websites of ads or is done for export. Most people receive officially restored or new phones from the operator, insurance company or manufacturer within the framework of very common replacement programs.

In my list Craigslist, as well as the above mentioned applications, occupy a “red” position. You can buy, but only those who are 100% sure that, where and how he buys.

eBay. Well, everything is clear

eBay – in principle, all the well-known online trading platform. It has any technique Apple. Recovered Macs, iPad and other devices.

The problem with this site is that you absolutely do not know what you are buying . Yes, there is a rating of sellers and protection of PayPal . But sometimes come across sellers, one-day, who will sell you a device, and then look for it wherever you want.

Our compatriots often fall for bait to scammers. eBay tries to regulate it, but all hands are not enough.

eBay in this list can be attributed to a more or less reliable resource, the main thing is to be able to correctly analyze the sellers before buying.

Swappa. As for me, the most reliable way to buy an iPhone

Swappa is wonderful to everyone. This is also an online flea market, but it is decent . And profitable, primarily by prices .

Sellers do not wind them to the skies, as sometimes it happens on eBay. This is due to the fact that the fixed price of the service commission is fixed. On the iPhone it is $ 10, whereas eBay can take $ 30-40 to itself.

Also Swappa has a very cool support service , where the client is a god. I wrote that you were not sent the one in the picture, and the money is returned to you without questions, just prove your problem. Everything is very sensible and ethical.

Well, the most important plus for me personally was the choice of gadgets. There you can buy any supported equipment and, not unimportantly, very rarely come across rubbish.

And what in general?

General advice on buying a second-hand iPhone in the US, alas, does not differ from those for Russia. Deceivers are the same everywhere.

But if on the Russian “flea markets” you, for example, in the worst case try to “breed” a defective iPhone with defects, then in the US it’s easy to rob or something worse . It happens rarely, but it happens. The American police knowingly allows to conduct such transactions directly in their own area, but in Russia this is not required.

The most common methods of cheating with the iPhone in the US : the replacement of the device at the time of purchase, the sale of Chinese “clones” on Android and locked to the previous owner of iPhones. There are almost no refs here.

Many Americans do not have to resort to buying used smartphones, especially expensive ones. This is simply not perceived as a normal practice. They go to the operator and make out the replacement of the device for another contract.

The main thing – do not go to craigslist . Your saddest with Avito will seem like a kindergarten in comparison with what can happen here.

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