How could the MacBook Pro 2018 look like with the Core i9 without problems with overheating

In pursuit of performance and design last week, Apple introduced the updated MacBook Prowith a powerful i9 processor. And, it would seem, the company should be praised: for half a million rubles engineers have created one of the most powerful laptops on the market.

But everything kills throttling and weak cooling systems. In short, the MacBook Pro 2018 with the same Intel Core i9 chip simply does not reveal its marginal performance due to overheating. The processor goes into protection and the impressive 4.8 GHz per core is felt by the user, at best, within a couple of minutes.

Another thing is Acer. In the Predator series, Taiwanese have long been aware: where performance is high, there is no room for elegance, slim body and compactness.

Acer also has a model on the Intel Core i9 processor. That’s just Acer Predator Helios 500 looks very different and completely different from the MacBook Pro 2018.

Outwardly this millet is a huge plastic mutant – a gaming laptop, there’s nothing to be done. But for that it is worth paying tribute to the developers of this monster weighing 4 kilograms, so this is for a thoughtful cooling system.

The explanatory radiator grilles here perform not just a decorative role. Behind them lies an impressive cooling system, represented by two powerful coolers and large passive radiators.

But the MacBook Pro 2018 is all beautiful and symmetrical:

So it turns out that almost identical processor i9, which experiences regular convulsions in the MacBook Pro 2018, in the case Acer Predator Helios 500 feels completely frivolous.

4.89 GHz on the core, this notebook holds stably.

Yes, this laptop is very cumbersome, uncomfortable to work on the road, but it really reveals the capabilities of the top chip from Intel. In Apple, however, they traditionally chased the beauty and it turned out how it happened. Expensive, beautiful and useless.

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