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Elon Musk drew the unicorn’s emitting gas to reveal the hidden function of the Tesla tablet

Now you can draw while you’re standing in a traffic jam.

Founder Tesla Elon Musk published a tweet with two drawings, which he drew on a tablet installed in a Tesla car. The entrepreneur pictured a unicorn emitting gases that collects a special vacuum cleaner car. The second picture shows a slightly dissatisfied Mona Lisa.

“I did it today on a sketchpad in Tesla”

In the following tweak, Musk explained that the drawing function appeared in the last update of the electric car operating system. In order to start the editor, you need to press the letter “T” three times on the screen.

“If you downloaded V8.1, press three times” T “in the center of the screen”
One of the users posted a video with the drawing process on the Tesla tablet. The clip shows that the resulting drawing can not be saved: you can either delete it, or “transfer your artwork to Tesla.”

“I like it”

As noted by Business Insider, previously an entrepreneur had already shown a drawing of a farting unicorn. In February 2017, Musk published a photo of a mug on which was drawn a mythical animal against the background of the rainbow. On the reverse side it says: “Electric cars are useful for the environment, because electricity comes from magic.”

“Rainbows, unicorns and electric cars”

In April 2016, after the Tesla operating system was updated, a hidden function appeared, which was launched if four times the autopilot button was clicked. The road on the navigator was painted in a rainbow color, and the melody of the bell began to play against the background.

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