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Zemfira responded to VKontakte on subscriber questions – and published the answers in a PDF file

Why go to an interview with Duda, if you have a Microsoft Office.

July 19, the singer Zemfira appreciated the young singers Grechka and Monetochka, whom the media called “the new Zemfira.” She stated that the first had “a terrible voice and appearance,” and the second had “excellent texts, a normal appearance, but a disgusting voice.”

Zemfira’s statement was the reason for a flash mob with a “statement of opinion,” and in social networks the singer began to ask about other things. The Russian singer agreed to hold the AMA session (“Ask me about anything”) with subscribers of her community in VKontakte, noting that she does not give interviews at all and does not intend to show at the show “VDUD”. In 2017, on the air of the program “Evening Urgant” Yuri Dud invited the performer to an interview.

Zemfira published the answers on the morning of July 20, but not directly in the social network, but simply just laid out a PDF document in public. Most likely, the answers were placed not by the singer, but by her representatives. According to Zemfira, this is only the first part: later she will continue to answer questions.

In the document, Zemfira said that she does not have personal accounts in social networks, and she decided to listen to Monetochka and Grechka, because there is “a lot of noise” around them. The likelihood of collaborating with Monetochka and rapper Fejs, the performer, was ruled out.

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