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Translator of books about Harry Potter Maria Spivak

She was 55 years old.

Maria Spivak. Photo from the site of the “World of Fiction”

Director of the publishing house Phantom Press Alla Steinman reported the death of translator Maria Spivak, known for working on one version of the adaptation of books about Harry Potter in the early 2000s (ten years later this version was bought and released by the publishing house “Makhaon”).

About the death Spivak also told the interpreter and member of the Guild of “Masters of literary translation” Olga Varshaver, who asked “not to arrange on such a day the analysis of translation flights” due to their inappropriateness.

In 2001, Spivak entered the long list of the “Small Booker” award – it was for the translation of Harry Potter. In 2009, Spivak was also nominated for the “Unicorn and Leo” Prize and took second place in the category “Best Translation of Modern British and Irish Literature”.

Spivak, who also worked under the pseudonym M. Tasamaya, had four own works, of which only two were published: the Russian-language novel “The Year of the Black Moon” and the English-language novel “A World Elsewhere”. The translator worked as an engineer-mathematician.


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