The new MacBook Pro heats up so much that the system has to understate performance

To avoid overheating, macOS includes “throttling” and slows down the processor.

In the summer of 2018, Apple released the new MacBook Pro, which was equipped with i9 processors. Thus, the company introduced the most productive devices in the line.

However, those who bought new MacBook users found that macOS slows down their processors during productive tasks. Blogger Dave Lee tried to render the video on the laptop using Adobe Premiere and encountered throttling – a decrease in the processor clock speed due to overheating.

Reddit users found that the problem also manifests itself when running benchmarks and tests. For example, after several minutes of running the Cinebench program, the processor frequency drops from 2.9 GHz to 2.5 GHz. Users gathered to return the laptops back to Apple.

Reddit compared notebooks in 2014 on i5 processors and new MacBook Pro on i9. In both cases the processor slowed down, but in the “fresh” i9 the frequency decreased much more .

According to the user Reddit under the pseudonym Aearan, the reason for the problem is that Apple pays the utmost importance to the silence of coolers, not performance. Dave Lee came to similar conclusions.

This is a very powerful processor. When it encounters multi-core applications, it’s an animal. The problem is that when it was in this case, the MacBook Pro can not cool down normally i9.

Dave Lee

Lee compared the new MacBook with a Windows laptop to i9. Processors i9 support the turbo mode, which allows using “virtual” cores and increased processor frequency. However, that the Apple device can not support even the base frequency of the 2.9 GHz processor. According to the blogger – “it’s absurd.”

Render of the same video on a Windows-laptop took Lee only 7 minutes, while the new MacBook Pro managed in 40 minutes. This is even more than a MacBook with a processor of the past generation.

At the same time, when the blogger put his MacBook in the refrigerator and ran the rendering again, the laptop coped in 27 minutes.

This level of trotting is unacceptable. This is not what Apple should market and sell to people.

Dave Lee

Usually, if during the operation the processor heats up to too high a temperature and lacks cooling, then it either slows down or there is a risk of damage to the processor.

According to Lee, this problem is haunted by all macbooks and exists because of the design of the device: Apple is trying to make it as thin as possible. In addition, when the blogger dismantled the new MacBook, he saw that his cooling system has not changed since the last generation. However, engineers still tried to fit a very powerful processor into the case.

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