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The head of Tatarstan asked Putin to allow the sale of beer on football stadiums. He promised to think

I asked not for myself, but for the “Orthodox brothers.”

July 20 in Kaliningrad, a meeting of the Council for Physical Education and Sports with the participation of Vladimir Putin, which discussed the results of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. During the discussions, the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov told the president that during the mundialya in the region they sold beer for 89 million rubles.

Because of this, he asked Putin to allow the sale of beer in Russian stadiums. In Russia, the ban on the sale of beer in the arena has been in force since 2005 – it was filmed only for the time of the World Cup.

I would like to raise one issue, which we checked during the championship – this is beer sales. No excesses, no problems. I would ask you to consider the possibility of [leaving the sale of beer in the stadiums]. Still, men love beer.

Of course, I’m ashamed to say, to a Muslim, that here is beer, but I care about our Orthodox brothers.

Rustam Minnikhanov
president of Tatarstan

Putin promised to think over the proposal: “Well, if Muslims are asked to liberalize beer, we’ll see.” Earlier, the head of the Russian Football Premier League Sergei Pryadkin said that the league is interested in resuming the sale of beer in the stadiums. “Beer is a real attribute of any football fan,” he added.

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