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The former president of South Korea received another eight years for corruption. She is already serving a term of 24 years

The court tightened the sentence in two criminal cases.

Pak Kun Hye. Holiday pictures AP

The South Korean court sentenced former President Pak Kin He to eight years in prison for corruption, bribery, embezzlement of government funds and interference in party activities, Yonhap reported . Considering the earlier term, she must serve in prison for 32 years.

Pak Kin Hye received six years in prison and a fine of 3.3 billion won (3 billion dollars) in the criminal case of receiving funds from the National Intelligence Agency’s budget. In the case of the nomination of candidates for elections from the ruling party, the court gave her another two years in prison.

In April 2018, the Seoul court sentenced Pak Kun Hye to 24 years in prison. She was accused of a corruption scandal, which includes support for the government in exchange for bribing large corporations (including Samsung) in the funds of President’s friend Tsoi Sun Sil.

In December 2016, South Korea’s parliament announced Pak Keng He’s impeachment, which in March 2017 was confirmed by the South Korean national court. Soon after, the former president was  to prevent the possible destruction of evidence.

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