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Putin under the umbrella, Neimar’s simulations, middle fingers and “******* bro”: the main memories of the 2018 World Cup

The tournament was remembered not only for victories, defeats and beautiful goals.

July 15 in the Moscow “Luzhniki” hosted the finals of the World Cup, in which France beat Croatia. This match ended the first mundial in Russia, which for a month was one of the main topics for discussions around the world.

There was a moment at the awarding ceremony, which quickly became a meme: during the delivery of the medals the rain came, and only Vladimir Putin was covered with an umbrella from all participants of the ceremony. Later, the president was again covered with an umbrella – already in the locker room of the French during traditional champagne bottling. A shot with Putin and an umbrella broke up on the photojacks.

remembered the other memes that the FM-2018 remembered.

Cardboard fan from Mexico

Several friends from Mexico for several years dreamed of getting to the World Cup 2018 together. To do this, they set aside money and converted the old school bus into a house on wheels. But at the last moment one of the friends named Javier was not let off by his wife. And then the fans took with him to travel his cardboard copy.

Mexicans became popular in Russia: their bus was easy to learn, so he was constantly surrounded by people who wanted to take a picture with “Javier”. After such fame, Javier himself came to the World Championships – he was released after all. Closer to the final, the Mexicans got into an accident on the bus, but the Russians helped them with spare parts and repairs.

Pozhalkin from Putin

Putin came not only to the finals, but also to the opening match, where Russia and Saudi Arabia played. Stanislav Cherchesov’s wards scored five goals for the opponents – and after each ball the operators snatched the president, who was sitting next to the Saudi prince. And each time Putin reacted to goals in different ways – most of all the joke was dismissed by the gesture of “pzhimalkin.”

Neimar’s simulations

Brazilian striker Neymar for five matches at the 2018 World Cup held on the lawn 14 minutes – on the player often violated the rules, and he did not miss the opportunity to “embellish” some of the blows with the help of skating on the field. For this he was criticized by opponents, experts and fans, and in social networks, the simulations of Neimar turned into a popular topic for jokes.

The actor’s play of the football player also became an occasion for parodies from children and a professional tennis player.

It’s Coming Home

Team England for the first time since 1990 reached the semifinals of the World Cup, so the fans of the team began to dream about a possible championship. Because of this, the main hit in the country was an old song called “It’s Coming Home”. If in 1996, its meaning was that football was returning to its historical homeland (the European Championships of that year was held in England), then in 2018 the “unofficial anthem” was associated with the desire to win at the World Cup.

In England, the song was picked up by everyone – from ordinary fans to politicians and football players. The composition topped the UK charts and received orchestral versions from the Royal Guard. But the “return home football” did not work: the national team took only fourth place.

Supporters in kokoshniks

The main moment for the Russian national football team was the victory in the penalty shoot-out over Spain in the 1/8 finals of the mundial. But before this team had to stand in defense of 90 minutes of regular time and two additional halves. Overtimes are not remembered by fans attacking the game, but remembered with a frame with three fans in kokoshniki and with a hot dog.

The image of trio in kokoshniks began to be actively used in advertising of various brands. Later, the media found out that one of the meme’s memes was connected with the company IMA-Press, which was engaged in the PR of Russian authorities.

Behavior of Diego Maradona and Robbie Williams

Williams and Maradona joined the desire to show the middle finger on the air of the 2018 World Cup. The British singer did this earlier: he marked with a gesture at the opening ceremony, after which he stated that he “just counted the minute”. Also during the performance, Williams replaced the line of one of his songs with the phrase “I did it for free”.

The legendary football player of Maradona was remembered by TV viewers for the match between Argentina and Nigeria during the group stage. During the game, he managed to dance with a fan, celebrate Messi’s goal with “demonic” movements, show the middle fingers from the rostrum after the victorious ball of the Argentines and seek medical help. The fans explained the behavior of cocaine, but Maradona said that he just injured his neck.

“You are simply a cosmos, Stas”

Before the start of the 2018 World Cup, Russian media and fans actively criticized the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. The reasons for this were: the team played poorly in friendly matches, the expert behaved arrogantly when communicating with the press, he did not call Denisov’s midfielder because of a personal conflict and changed the game scheme a week before mundialya.

In social networks they asked to dismiss Cherchesov, but after the first victories, some users changed their opinion dramatically to the account of the coach. In his honor the flashmob “Mustaches of Hope” was launched, they sang the song “You are millet cosmos, Stas” and painted graffiti in St. Petersburg.

Samara engineer with a “demonic glance”

34-year-old resident of Samara, Yuri Torsky, in 2011 bought a Brazilian flag during a business trip to Latin America. With this flag, he went to the Brazil-Mexico match. During the broadcast, the operators showed Torsky in the stands – and he immediately remembered to foreign fans because of the “demonic flag”.
The Brazilians called the engineer their talisman and the main event of the tournament. In Instagram, more than 200,000 people signed up for him , and the Brazilian-Belgium match was officially invited by the national team. Torsky is still regularly written in Portuguese and parodying his facial expression.

Forecasts and predictions

Immediately three people remembered at the 2018 World Cup their predictions for matches in social networks. The first was the Kirov journalist Igor Dagon, who the day before the start of the tournament called the exact results of the first two matches of the Russian team. In the third, he predicted the victory of Russians over Uruguay in the last seconds, but it did not work out – the team lost with a score of 0: 3.

The second forecast is the list of the chief editor of the Media Zone, Sergei Smirnov. He guessed almost all the winners of the matches of the 1/8 finals and was mistaken only with the last one – England destroyed the “curse of the penalty” and beat Colombia in a series of eleven-meter.

Not all forecasts should be successful. At the World Cup 2018 fans rememberedjokes about the commentator Georgy Cherdantsev, who regularly writes forecasts for matches on Twitter, but everything is always the other way around. Because of this, he was asked to make an “incorrect” forecast for the search for a girl and a future life.

“******* [fucking awesome] bro

Brazilian fan Tomer Savoy is one of the most recognizable characters in the 2018 World Cup. In the first days of the tournament, someone took off, as he shouted in Rostov-on-Don “Russia ******* [fucking], bro”, after which the phrase became winged. Savoy began to learn on the streets, ask to be photographed and act in advertising. Also he was made with tattoos, souvenirs and clothes.

For several weeks of the tournament, the Brazilian managed to film a rap clip in Russia, go to the show to Malakhov and ask Putin for Russian citizenship. “A lot of people write, I even had a Russian manager,  Savoy said . It seems that everything is really “awesome” for him.

Brazilian goalkeeper and balloon

During the match between Brazil and Switzerland, a large red balloon rolled out onto the Rostov-Arena field. Goalkeeper of Brazilians Alison decided to burst it with a boot and became a hero of memes, where the ball means dreams, and the foot of a football player – a cruel life.

The Curse of Graffiti in Kazan

If a portrait of a football player is put on the wall in Kazan, then his team must lose – such a sign appeared during the 2018 World Cup. The first there was a graffiti with Cristiano Ronaldo: he was painted during the Confederations Cup in 2017. As a result, Portugal took off at the stage of the 1/8 finals.

Then, near the Ronaldo appeared Messi figure, and his team also could not win the playoffs. The same fate befell and Neimar with Brazil. For the Russia-Croatia match in Kazan, they began to draw a portrait of the Croatian leader Modric, but this time the curse did not help – Russia lost on penalties. However, Modric eventually lost, already in the finals of the World Cup.

Jokes about the VAR

VAR is a system of video replay to determine if there was a penalty, which for the first time in the history of the World Championships was tested in Russia. The mechanism of her work is this: at a disputable moment the judge can go to a special screen near the field and reconsider the episode from different angles. After that, he can either assign an 11-meter, or vice versa cancel it.

In social networks, it was noted that such a system would be useful in real life.


Makron Celebrations

French President Emmanuel Macron flew to Moscow for the final match, where the French played against Croatia. The victory of his team at the World Cup 2018, he noted an emotional gesture from the VIP-box, which quickly became the basis for fotozhab.

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