Photos: Winners of the iPhone Photography Awards

The best work was the image of the children of Rohinj, watching movies on a projector in a refugee camp.

The jury of the annual contest of the iPhone Photography Awards determined the best photos taken on the iPhone in 2018. The main conditions for participation were the use of iPhones or iPad for shooting, but additional lenses were allowed. You could edit the pictures, but only with the help of applications on iOS: “desktop” Photoshop was banned.

Winners will receive valuable prizes: for the first place in 18 categories each photographer will be handed a gold bar from a private mint weighing 1 gram. Holders of the second and third place will get bars of palladium of the same weight, and in addition to precious metals, all winners will receive a “smart” watch, the Apple Watch Series 3.

The winner of the “grand prix” was a native of Bangladesh Yashim Salam (Yashim Salam), who took off Rohing’s children in a refugee camp on the iPhone 7.

Photo by Yashim Salam, IPPA winner, filmed on iPhone 7

The first place was taken by Alexandre Weber from Switzerland, who shot the Brazilian in the traditional clothes of the Bayan on the iPhone 6s during a break at work.

Photo by Alexander Weber, first place IPPA, filmed on iPhone 6s
The second place went to Huapeng Zhao from China. He took off the boy while walking along the seashore. According to the photographer, the child attached his self-caught fish to his eye when Zhao tried to take it off.
Photo by Huapeng Zhao, second place IPPA, filmed on iPhone 6
Third place was awarded to Zarni Myo Win (Zarni Myo Win) from Myanmar. He took a boy on iPhone 7 Plus who lost his leg and watched his friends playing soccer. The child told the photographer that he also wants to play, if ever he can.
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