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“One ugly, the other has a disgusting voice”: Zemfira in absentia quarreled with Grechka and Monetochka

Conflict of generations.

Monetochka (left) and Grechka (right). A shot from an interview on the YouTube channel “KinoTV”

July 18 on the YouTube channel “Ink” published an interview with singer Elizaveta Gyrdymova, better known as Monetochka. Her latest release “Coloring for adults” is called one of the best pop albums of the year, she also for several months is at the top of the iTunes Chart.

The conversation in “Inbox” went about another musical opening of the last year – Grechka (Anastasia Ivanova), who is close friends with Monetochka. Leading remembered that social networks compare the work of young singers with Zemfira, and their appearance – with Zemfira and Renata Litvinova.

Zemfira and Renata Litvinova / Monetochka and Grechka. A frame from the release of “Inscriptions”
Monetochka did not like the comparison of the more “cowardly” Grechka with Zemfira. She even argued with the leaders of “Vpiska”, saying that four years later Grechka will gather a sold-out of 20 thousand people on the largest indoor area of ​​the country – in the sports complex “Olympic”.

Do you think this is a good comparison? I now think that Nastya will be more abrupt. For me it is more effective. Zemfira – a very complex person, closed, incomprehensible.

A coin

Zemfira, who rarely reacts to statements in her address, unexpectedly answered both Monetechka and Grechka at once. In the official community in VKontakte, she criticized Gyrdymov and Ivanov for the voice, and the latter for the appearance.

Buckwheat – very bad. Terrible voice and appearance. To perceive it is difficult – to sing it is not able, texts do not convince, well and very ugly.

A coin – great texts! It looks normal, unlike Grechka. But the voice is disgusting. Vocal timbre is the same instrument. If it is pleasant, you can sing all sorts of nonsense – an example: Zhanna Aguzarova.

Good luck to both.


The conflict was the main topic of discussion under the records in the communities of all three artists. The coin and Grechka have not yet publicly responded to the words of Zemfira.

from the community of Zemfira
from the Grechki community
from the Grechki community
Soon Zemfira published another entry in VKontakte, where she responded to allegations in Lukasse – discrimination in appearance with respect to Grechka.

If I do not like the outward appearance of a person, then I say that I do not like it. Millions of people are engaged in music. “Lukism” is a terrible word. There are those who I like, and there are those who do not like it. Do not you like me? Nasrat.

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