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Microsoft’s gaming business brings $ 10.3 billion to the corporation

Microsoft has voiced its financial results, reporting annual revenue of $ 110.36 billion, net profit reached a rate of $ 16.571 billion in revenue for gaming, in turn, totaled $ 10.35 billion (for the quarter -. $ 2.28 billion versus $ 1.64 billion a year earlier). For comparison, Sony’s gaming unit gained $ 17.29 billion over the year, Nintendo – $ 9.7 billion.

Microsoft noted revenue growth from “cloud” services (by 23%) and Office 365 (38%). The gaming business grew at an annual rate of about 38%. Service Xbox Live has a base of 57 million users, up from 53 million a year earlier, but below 59 million in the previous quarter.

Microsoft did not disclose the sales volume of the current versions of game consoles.

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