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“It will be unusual”: the reaction of the US intelligence director to the news of Putin’s invitation to Washington

The head of the department learned about the visit during the “live” interview – three days after Trump put Putin’s words above intelligence.

On July 19, US National Intelligence Director Dan Coats spoke at the Security Forum. During the conversation with him, the forum’s leader announced the arrival of urgent news – Donald Trump instructed to organize the visit of Vladimir Putin to Washington in the fall of 2018.

Coates emotionally reacted to the very fact of the receipt of urgent news from the White House. Hearing about the possibility of Putin’s visit, he at first did not believe and asked the presenter to repeat the phrase just mentioned, and then laughed because of his own reaction.

After that, Coates realized that he correctly heard the message, took a deep breath and, tapping his fingers, answered: “Okay … It will be unusual.”

Previously, American liberal media crumbled with Trump’s speech at a summit in Helsinki, during which the US president put the words of the Russian president above the opinion of national intelligence experts. This speech was also harshly criticized by many high-ranking Republicans, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan.

The indignation was caused by Trump ‘s words that he got acquainted with the data of the US intelligence on foreign interference in the elections of 2016 and “does not see a single reason why Russia would do it”.

Later, the American president had to make an explanation. He stated that he had allegedly become entangled in a double denial, and in fact wanted to say “I do not see a single reason why Russia would not do this.” He added that he always believed in American intelligence and supported her.

The last time Vladimir Putin visited the US in September 2015. Then the purpose of the working visit of the Russian president was New York, where he spoke at the 70th UN General Assembly and met with US President Barack Obama.

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