In space, send a team of robots Fedorov as commentators

In Russia, consider the possibility of sending two robots Fedorov to space on an unmanned ship Soyuz, RIA Novosti reported , citing a source in the rocket and space industry. High-tech devices are not expected to take part in ship management, but will be able to comment on what is happening in flight using pre-set algorithms: to report, for example, the magnitude of the overloads, the temperature regime inside the ship.

According to the interlocutor of the news agency, the idea found preliminary approval in the leadership of Roskosmos and was unofficially called “cybercourt”. According to his sources, in the industry leadership the idea is considered a good PR-move, which should show the possibility of Roskosmos to quickly achieve breakthroughs in space exploration.

Earlier it was reported that Fedor would be the first to fly on the new space ship “Federation” being developed in Russia. It is expected that the robot will take part in all three test flights of the new ship – test in 2022, with docking to the ISS in automatic mode in 2023 and with astronauts on board in 2024.

The flight of one or two Fyodors on an unmanned Soyuz is considered as an opportunity to test a robot before it is sent into space on the Federation ship.

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