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In Egypt, an operation began to open the black sarcophagus

Egyptian scientists and engineers on Thursday unexpectedly began to open the lid of a mysterious black sarcophagus, discovered in early July in the city of Alexandria, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram writes.

The lid has now been depressurized and raised by only five centimeters, but the commission of the Ministry of Antiquities Affairs of Egypt, suspended by the lifting, suspended work and decided to evacuate all observers of the process, as it fears the evaporation of toxic gases from the sarcophagus sealed over two thousand years ago. “At the site only scientists and engineers will remain … The toxic gas that can be released at the autopsy of sarcophagi is capable of causing serious harm to human health, up to the deadly

The newspaper stresses that the operation to open the sarcophagus began quite unexpectedly, journalists were not invited to the site, despite recent statements by the Ministry for Antiquities of the country, which promised an extremely open operation for the public. “The commission of the Ministry arrived on the site to open the sarcophagus unexpectedly, accompanied by enhanced protection, journalists were not allowed,” one of the eyewitnesses said.

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