iFixit disassembled keyboard MacBook Pro 2018

One of the most talked about innovations MacBook Pro 2018 was the third generation of the keyboard “butterfly”. Several elements changed in it at once, and the guys from iFixit decided to find out how the new keyboard actually works.

Visually, it is completely similar to the previous model. Cosmetic differences can be seen only in the positioning of some labels, like the symbol of the CMD key.

The keys are a little thinner: 1.25 mm vs. 1.5 mm. To remove them is now much easier without the risk of damaging the mechanism.

The most important innovation is the silicone backing. In an internal document for representatives of service centers, Apple confirmed that this innovation was made to prevent dust from entering into the rather gentle butterfly mechanism.

iFixit decided to see whether such protection against dust in practice. Sprinkling the keyboard with a fluorescent powder, testers actively pressed on the keys. After that, they were dismantled and looked where he got.

The membrane showed its best. The keyboard is protected from the ingress of powder, the mechanism is not affected.

But the test with sand new keyboard failed. Sprinkling keys, testers typed on the keyboard for a minute. This time, the silicone gasket did not save. The grains of sand fell under the mechanism and the keys began to stick and wedge.

Having finished testing the keyboard, iFixit started disassembling.

There is a note in the official Apple document: representatives of service centers need to be very careful with the silicone membrane. Having damaged it, you have to understand the entire laptop, and it takes a lot of time and effort.

After a long parsing procedure, iFixit did get to the silicone gasket. It is represented by a single sheet with holes and clamped by a mechanical block of keys.

In iFixit, it is noted that the improved keys and the modified butterfly mechanism still do not allow calling the MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard practical. Its repair is something else, but dust protection still raises questions. [ iFixit ]

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