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IC interested in anesthesiologist from Bashkiria after selfi in the operating room. Doctors have launched a flash mob in its support

Physicians began to publish mass photos in the workplace.

The doctor of the Uchalinsky District Hospital in Bashkortostan published on his social networking page two photos from the operating room. The picture was taken against the backdrop of the operation and the patient’s face fell into the frame, because of which the Investigation Committee began checking.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, an anesthesiologist is called Rail M., he made the first self, when he “had to sit at the monitor and monitor the indicators, but was distracted.” Against this background, other doctors continue to work. One of the photos was taken by a colleague of Rail, he also shows the face of the patient. As noted by, initially the physician published a photo on his page in “VKontakte”, after which they appeared in the closed community “Bad News 18+”. When exactly the pictures were taken, it is not known.

The medical officer’s actions fall under Article 137 of the Criminal Code (violation of privacy), the UK asserts. Whether there was an application from the patient who got into the department is unknown. Svetlana Kuskarbekova, a spokeswoman for the regional health ministry, told TASS that after this incident, Bashkir doctors will be reminded of the principles of ethics. The Office does not plan to conduct a separate audit.

Medica was supported by other doctors from all over Russia. They launched a flash mob # Anesthesiologist TuzheMelovek . Under the tag, they upload photos from workplaces.

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