Huawei threatens Apple to bypass it on smartphone sales in 2018

The company Huawei has set a goal to realize by the end of this year 200 million smartphones. As of July 18, the Chinese corporation has already shipped half of the declared, which, in theory, makes the task solvable. According to the head of mobile unit Huawei, this year has all the prerequisites to become a record.

As an example, he cited statistics for past years. In 2015, 100 million smartphones were shipped by December 22, in 2016 – on October 14, in 2017 – on September 12 (in just a year – 153.1 million, writes the South China Morning Post). The calculations take into account the sales of smartphones under the brands of both Huawei and Honor.

It is noted that for quarterly sales, Huawei already outpaced Apple – in the second quarter of 2017. However, then some experts linked what was happening to the upcoming announcement of new “apple” mobile phones. Now it is possible that by the end of the year the second largest mobile brand will be a Chinese company, writes BGR.

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