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From Colombia to Mexico: what will be the fourth season of “Narco”

The popular TV series “Narco” about the fight against South American drug cartels will be restarted in the fourth season and will tell a new story about the Mexican criminal organization “Guadalajara”, which operated in the 80s. 
Thus, the main star of the series Pedro Pascal, also known for his role in the “Game of Thrones”, leaves the project. The main roles in the restart will be played by Michael Peña, famous for the “Marvel” kinomiksu “The Man-Ant” and starred in the film “The Outlaw One: Star Wars. Stories »Diego Luna.
The moon will play the drug lord Felix Gallardo, who in the 1980s combined many small drugs and built a whole criminal empire that terrorized Mexico and the southern US states. Pienie was given the role of a drug agent, Kiki Camarini, who moved with his family from California to Mexican Guadalajara, accepting a new appointment.

Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo

Gallardo is one of the largest drug lords in the history of Mexico. He is also considered the founder of the modern system of drug trafficking, which continues to this day. He was able to unite more small gangs and organize a large cartel, which, however, did not last long. After the collapse of the Guadalajara, Gallardo headed the Tijuana drug cartel and continued his criminal activities.

Announcing the restart of the series, Netflix also moved events back in time, as the first three seasons ended in the 90s.

The fourth season should appear on the streaming service already this year, but Netflix has not yet announced the exact date of the premiere.

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