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Football club “Baltika” will sue the newspaper for the title “Negro’s rebellion against the judge”

The head of the publication called the allegations “unfounded” and reminded of the use of this word in school literature.

Senin Sebai. Photo from the site of the football club “Baltika”

The Kaliningrad football club Baltika said that it intends to sue the local newspaper “New wheels”. The reason was an article with the headline “Negro Negro v. Judge”, published on September 21.

The publication devoted an article to attacking Senin Sebai, who received a red card in a match against the “Wings of Soviets”, which took place on September 16. “Baltika” missed the goal in the last minutes, and the player went to argue with the judge, for which he was removed.

In the “Baltic” they said that Sebai apologized for his behavior, but despite this, he constantly faces racist insults from fans. The club called the “New Wheels” “a newspaper that regularly publishes a lie,” and asked not to judge the Kaliningrad region for journalists whose materials “exude the stench of chauvinism and racism.”

This is a shame for the entire Kaliningrad region – the western gate of Russia. This is unacceptable for a region flooded with the blood of Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe from the epidemic of Nazism. This defile the memory of our grandfathers who fought for the bright ideals of equality and freedom.

statement of the football club “Baltika”

The press attache of Baltika noted that Sebay was upset when he saw the headline of the newspaper. “He did not understand why they emphasize that he is a Negro,” the representative of the club explained.

The title of the article “New Wheels”, published in the September 21 issue

The founder of the “New Wheel” and deputy Obldumy Igor Rudnikov reminded the club that blacks were called blacks in Russian literature and that this word is in the name of the country of Nigeria, but said that he does not intend to file a counterclaim yet.

I refer [this statement] either to the illiteracy of the leadership of “Baltika”, or to the deliberate twitching of things that have nothing to do with the law.

Igor Rudnikov
founder of the New Wheels

In the “Baltic” did not comment on the response statements of the head of the newspaper and did not specify when they will file a lawsuit.

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