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Egyptian scientists discovered in the black sarcophagus three mummies

CAIRO, July 19 – RIA Novosti. Egyptian scientists discovered three damaged mummies in a black Alexandrian sarcophagus, reports the news portal “Yoom7” with reference to the head of the department on monuments of antiquity Mustafa al-Waziri.

According to him, the found mummies do not belong to any royal family. “There is no connection with the royal families of the Ptolemaic or Roman period with these mummies, since there are no corresponding inscriptions on the sarcophagus,” Al-Waziri said.

He also noted that the mummies were badly damaged by water leaking into the sarcophagus through the crack. Scientists are now to find out who was buried here.

Untreated by the marauders sealed mysterious giant sarcophagus of black granite weighing 25-30 tons was discovered in early July during construction work under one of the buildings in the city of Alexandria. At the same place at a depth of five meters were found a 40-centimeter fragment of a statue of a man from marble and some other artifacts.

It was reported that on the territory of the excavations there may be monuments of the Hellenistic period of the history of Egypt (about 332-330 BC). In the same area are already open burials dating back to the IV century BC.

The mystery of the sealed sarcophagus has generated a lot of rumors in the Egyptian and European media. In Egypt, talking about the “curse of the pharaoh” and the fact that the sarcophagus, most likely, has not yet been discovered and looted because of some “evil”, enclosed in it.

The fears were fueled by the unusual black color of the monument, as well as its giant dimensions (265 centimeters in length, 185 in height and 165 in width).

The Western press made the assumption that the sarcophagus could belong to Alexander the Great himself, the burial place of which has not yet been found.

RIA Novosti

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