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Disney dismissed the director of “Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn because of old tweets about pedophilia and rape

The installer did not save even the excuse and the removal of the account on Twitter.

James Gunn. Holiday pictures AP

The director of the first two parts of the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn was fired from the position of the director of the third part, said chairman of the board of directors of Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn.

Hann’s insulting statements, found on Twitter, can not be justified and contradict the company’s values. Therefore, we severed our business contacts with him.

Alan Horne
President of Walt Disney Studios

Disney’s decision was followed by a scandal around Gunn, who until recently had actively maintained a Twitter account. In July, American political activists, who are associated with the movement of the “alternative right”, drew attention to a lot of jokes directed by the director from 2008-2011 about deadly diseases, rape and pedophilia. Presumably, such a reaction of the public is connected with one of the last statements of Gunn about Donald Trump.

“Laughter is the best medicine. So I laugh at the AIDS patients “
“I wanted to go hunting large game, but I’m hampered by moral principles. So I compromised and decided to rape big game “
“Ah, I forgot to tell you guys: yesterday I was on readings with a convicted pedophile”
James Gunn called the tweet about pedophilia torn from the context and noted that at the sight of the convicted pedophile, director Víctor Salva, was “in horror.” The director also publicly apologized for the behavior, admitting that he had previously considered himself a provocateur in movies and life, but in recent years has grown as a person. According to the director, none of those “provoking” jokes was true. Later, he removed his Twitter.

Gunn became the director of the first two parts of the superhero films “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, which are part of the Marvel film. In total, both paintings have collected more than 1.6 billion dollars and have become one of the most successful films during the existence of the franchise.

The third part of the “Guard” should be released in 2020. Gunn agreed to shoot the picture and in June published in social networks a photo with the cover of the draft version of the script.

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