Blue Origin successfully landed a rocket and a capsule with a crew after a test run.

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This night in Texas, Blue Origin carried out the most important flight test in the history of its existence. She conducted a test for the separation of the capsule with the crew from the rocket – and the success was exhaustive. The capsule with the crew was unfastened exactly at the right time and flew higher than it used to be before. A successful flight was an important milestone for the missile company Jeff Bezos. Earlier, he stated that if this test went well, the missile company would become fully functional by the end of the year.

Today’s test is the ninth launch for Blue Origin and the third for the New Sheperd missile that was used in flight – more than 20,000 people watched live live broadcasts on YouTube. The rocket and the capsule must be reused.

The start-up time is about two and a half minutes, after which the engine switches off. The capsule is designed to fly into space, while the rocket is unfastened, falls, turns on the braking system and sits on the ground intact. The capsule returns to the Earth on parachutes.

The entire mission takes about 11 minutes and the capsule accelerates to a maximum speed of 3598 km / h and an altitude of 118 thousand meters.

During the test, the capsule contained a mannequin, which would be replaced by live astronauts one day. The company expects that tests with a human crew can begin already at the end of this year. There are rumors that eventually the ticket for this fascinating attraction will be $ 200,000 or more.


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