Architecture: Hotel in the former granary in China

Modern studios are increasingly rethinking the architectural heritage of the past.

Photos of Su Shengliang

Studio Ares Partners has transformed into a modern hotel an old granary in the province of Zhejiang in eastern China. It was built in 1956, and the six buildings of the complex were preserved well enough so that they did not have to be demolished.

Photos of Su Shengliang

Architects sought to preserve the visual connection of buildings with the surrounding landscape. They cleaned off the white paint to open the brick and stone masonry, and expanded the windows.

Our approach to design is the dialogue between old and new buildings, as well as a polylogue between architecture, mountain landscapes and people. Modern architectural language respectfully refers to existing buildings and to nature.

Ares Partners

Inside the building reinforced with steel beams, supporting the roof and simultaneously masking pipes and cables, and added internal partitions forming 21 guest rooms.

Photos of Su Shengliang

In one of the preserved buildings, a restaurant will be opened. In addition, a terrace has been added to the complex, from which you can admire the mountains, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Photos of Su Shengliang
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