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The Roscosmos satellite Internet project will be allocated to a separate target program

He will receive independent funding directly from the budget, outside the Federal Space Program.

Vladimir Putin approved the allocation of a project to create a global satellite Internet system “Sphere” in a separate targeted program. This was reported to Vedomosti with reference to the head of state corporation Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin said that the essence of the project is in the integration of civil and military satellites to probe the Earth and ensure the entire territory of Russia with communication and the Internet. The head of Roskosmos noted that now the country does not have enough resources to provide “an excellent distance connection” – at least 640 satellites are needed.

In fact, this is a revision of the approaches to the formation of our orbital grouping. Our country is the largest in terms of territory, there are hard-to-reach places – physically you will not be spared by optical fiber and power lines.

Dmitry Rogozin
head of Roskosmos

Rogozin did not disclose the amount necessary to launch the Sphere. However, he said that the first launches are scheduled for 2022, but we are talking about serial production of satellites, and not about prototypes.

In order for the grouping to be complete, the satellites should be put into orbit if not simultaneously, then very quickly. We need to build new factories, we need to create a production of an elemental space base with a standard 22 nanometer-to make it small devices, and not such mugs as we used to be.

Dmitry Rogozin
head of Roskosmos

According to the top manager of the state corporation, Roskosmos considers Sphere an excellent idea, which also creates an “order” for launches with the help of the new Angara missile. Rogozin explained that for the withdrawal of 640 satellites will need at least 25 launches.

And this is a good load of the Omsk plant, this is a solution to the financial problems associated with the Khrunichev Center. The contract for the construction of the launch complex for the “Angara-5P” super-heavy missile should be signed in the coming weeks.

Dmitry Rogozin
head of Roskosmos

“Angara” was launched only two times in 2014. Now the rocket is being tested.

On May 22, 2018 Roskosmos publicly presented a similar Internet project on the basis of the orbital constellation of satellites under the name “Ether”. Then it was about 288 satellites in orbit, and deploy the system planirovly only in 2025.

According to preliminary estimates, the financing of Efir was to cost the budget 299 billion rubles. At the presentation, “Efir” criticized the presidential adviser Andrei Belousov: in his opinion, the year 2025 of the project deployment is too late, as by that time it would be inappropriate to compete with other projects for economic reasons.

Two days after the announcement of “Ether” in Roskosmos, the leadership was replaced – the state corporation was headed by former vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, the “vision” of a new satellite internet project was prepared by the already updated Roskosmos administration.

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