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The director of the “Green Elephant” launched a fund-raising for the film about Hamlet


And the main characters in this picture will be Sergei Pakhomov and Vladimir Epifantsev.

July 18 at the site from the director Svetlana Baskova (“Green elephant”, “For Marx”, “Head”) was launched a campaign to raise funds for a new picture. The director intends to collect for the shooting three million rubles – for this she and the team have 95 days, during which the collection will take place. She also acts as a writer of a potential picture.

The seventh film of the director of the Green Elephant was called “I Hamlet” and will be based on Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”.

This is a deep analysis of the work, searching for lost meanings and answers to riddles. We will disclose the meaning of the words with which Hamlet refers to the Ghost at the beginning of the film: “Well said, old mole! Canst work i ‘th’ earth so fast? A worthy pioner! “(” So, the old mole, how swiftly you dig! Excellent digger! “).

Not all secrets will unfold, but the internal conflicts of the tragedy – a new look at them and their current relevance – will be presented harshly and uncompromisingly.

from the project description

The description of the campaign says that the project should not be taken as an adaptation of Shakespeare’s work.

In our version, Claudius will be younger than Hamlet, and Horatio will have a secret function.

We will not pass by class contradictions, which are invisible in the text itself, but inevitably determined the events that took place in the tragedies of Shakespeare. We will let them manifest themselves in the plot.

from the project description

The main roles of the film have already been selected actors. Hamlet will play Vladimir Epifantsev, and Polonia – Sergei Pakhomov. Claudia, Gertrude and Horatio will play Perth Skvortsov, Olga Lapshina and Vasily Butkevich respectively.

Sergei Pakhomov in the image of Polonia

To some, the past is like a fairy tale and therefore does not seem terrible. But in reality important works preserve reality for us with all its catastrophes and tragedies. That, to which the interest of humanity returns, the timeless works of art, this is the shoulder on which the artist can rely on, speaking of the present.

from the project description

For the support of certain amounts in the fundraising campaign there are rewards. One of them has already sold out – a lot for a thousand rubles with a postcard in 1999, which left autographs of the crew and actors of the film “The Green Elephant”. The most expensive lot in a single copy for one million rubles includes a camera, on which almost all the films of Svetlana Baskova were shot.

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