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“Silver Rain” announced the closure of its Telegram-channel, “receiving a letter” from Roskomnadzor

Here only the letter was intended not to the radio station, but to the communication operators.

Radio “Silver Rain” announced the closure of its Telegram-channel – allegedly in connection with receiving a letter from Roskomnadzor. In a letter, the scan of which representatives of the radio station published in the same channel, it is said about the need to implement the decision of the Tagansky district court that banned Telegram in Russia.

Dear subscribers. In connection with the receipt of such a letter, we are forced to close our telegram channel from July 23, 2018. If Telegram settles down with the authorities his questions, we will start the channel again.

“Silver Rain”

Judging by the published scan, Roskomnadzor’s letter was intended not to the radio station, but to telecom operators – this is stated in his cap. About sending the same letter to mobile operators reported on July 12.


Whether such a letter was indeed sent to the editorial office of the “Silver Rain” is unknown, perhaps something was mixed up at the radio station. In addition, it is unclear why the media decided to close their channel not immediately, namely on July 23. Before the closure announcement, the last entry on the Silver Rain channel was dated July 5, and there were just over 2,000 subscribers on it. Other media did not report receiving such letters from Roskomnadzor.

On July 12, when it became known for the first time about such a letter, only MegaFon continued to broadcast its information channel to Telegram – Beeline and MTS stopped broadcasting their channels on April 13 and 16 (on the day the decision was taken and the Roskomnadzor lock was started, respectively) . Despite the warning, MegaFon continued to run its channel – on July 16, two new publications appeared in it .

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