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Muscovite with noodles on his ears arranged an action for an interview with Sobyanin. “Moscow 24” denies that he was their operator

The channel said that they do not shoot live on such cameras, and the main character of the video is sure that there will be no reaction from the authorities.

A frame from the clip @sig_ray

July 18, Sergei Sobyanin in the campaign for the election of the mayor gave an interview to the Moscow 24 (Moscow City Hall) from the Zaryadie Park. Moskvich Sergey Kharitonov published in his instagram a video with backstage, in which he takes Sobyanin to the camera, standing with noodles on his ears. After several hours he closed his account, and then deleted it.

Video from the Telegram-channel “City by default”

In a conversation with TJ, Kharitinov said that he works as a freelancer operator, but refused to say for which TV channel. According to him, he did not plan to exhibit the video as a protest, but simply “wanted to express an opinion.”

All that our government says is nonsense and an actor’s game for those who like to stare at a zombie. I think a lot of people will see, laugh and forget.

On the part of the authorities, there are unlikely to be any measures – the case is a miserable one. Well, if they do, we will fix and discuss. The country, as written in the Constitution, is free, I have the right to express my opinion. I did nothing illegal.

Sergey Kharitonov

Moskvich accompanied his publication with a hashtag of FBK, but in the organization they announced to Medusa that he had nothing to do with them.

In the interview, which was broadcast live on “Moscow 24”, a camera angle was used, from which the clip of Haritinov was shot. However, he refused to provide TJ photos or video from the site, citing the fact that all the materials had already been handed over to the customer.

General Producer of “Moscow 24” Alexei Vershinin told TJ that the interview was filmed on cameras installed on mobile television stations to immediately broadcast the video live. In Kharitonov’s video, he stands with an ordinary camera on a tripod.

Colleagues said that this guy came up during the interview and began to shoot. He was asked for accreditation, and he just showed a card “Urbanforum” (an annual conference held in “Charge” – note TJ) . So this is a personal initiative of this person – he approached himself, took off the interview, his right.

Alexei Vershinin
General Producer of “Moscow 24”

According to Vershinin, all the operators are working in the state, so Kharitonov could not cooperate with the TV channel. He added that “Moscow 24” will not demand an apology from the Muscovite and is not going to go to court: “We have a free city, a pluralism of opinions, a person decided to haypanut so.”

Man has gone through so many barriers, security, FSO, everything to achieve his goal. Since he so wants to associate himself with “Moscow 24”, we give him such an opportunity and are ready to officially employ him.

Alexei Vershinin
General Producer of “Moscow 24”
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