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In the US, authorities helped a teenager open a hot dog business after complaining about illegal trade

He already had sponsors, thanks to which he will be able to do his favorite thing before the beginning of the academic year.

Jacquine Faulkner. Photo by Erin Johnson, NEON
The authorities of Minneapolis helped a 13-year-old teenager Jaquan Faulkner (Jaequan Faulkner) begin legal sale of hot dogs. He traded since 2016, but in the summer of 2018 someone complained that Faulkner was selling food without the permission of the city administration, and forced the student to leave the trade.

When the authorities received the complaint, they began to look for ways to help the teenager, said the head of the Ministry of Health of Minneapolis, Dan Huff.

When I realized what he was doing, I said “No, we will not just go and close [his business] because of the lack of a license. We can help him get permission. Let’s make it a positive event and help him become a business owner.

Dan Huff
head of the Minneapolis Ministry of Health

According to Huff, Faulkner was assisted by inspectors of the Ministry of Health. They worked with a teenager and explained to him how to comply with sanitary norms. Faulkner was taught to maintain the temperature of hot dogs, he was given a thermometer and equipment for washing his hands.

The Ministry of Health also contacted a non-profit organization that provides support to start-up entrepreneurs, among others. She helped Faulkner organize the necessary legal procedures and explained how to do business and make plans, and what kind of permission he needed. In addition, the organization helped him create a page for his business on Facebook called “Faulkner’s Classic Hot Dogs.”

July 16 Faulkner re-opened his store selling hot dogs. He was given a temporary permit for 10 days, after his graduation he will have to move to another place of sale. The police have already sponsored him the receipt of the next permit, and he will be able to sell hot dogs in front of the office. The following resolutions are planned to be sponsored by the local church and the organization of help to the blacks “National City League”. The schoolboy will be able to trade hot dogs all summer before the start of the school year.

In 2016 Faulkner asked his uncle for his machine for making hot dogs and began selling them in the yard. Until 2018, he was doing this to earn money for small expenses, but then finally got carried away by cooking. The teenager explained that he likes to cook and make people happy.

It’s about cooking and people. When I see a grim man, I smile at him, and he smiles back. I just make people smile by selling hot dogs.

Jacquine Faulkner
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