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In Ecuador, a tourist jumped from a waterfall during the shooting of a rap clip and crashed

He did not participate in the filming, but a lethal jump was made on the video.

Be careful, there are shocking shots in the video!

33-year-old tourist Carlos Ponton jumped from the Laguna Salto de Oro waterfall in Ecuador and crashed while shooting a music video of local rapper Don Day . The guide warned tourists that jumping from a height is deadly dangerous, but the man decided that he would not have anything.

The tourist jumped from the rocky shore and landed in the water, but he could not swim on his own. The man died on the spot, but the exact cause of death is unknown.

During the death jump of Pontoon, local rapper Don Day filmed a video for the song Hablando con la Luna. The film crew did not know that the tourist would jump into the water and rushed to help him immediately after his landing.

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