social network jokes on Twitter over Trump’s reservation at a meeting with Putin

The US president said that he trusted the Russian leader more than his own intelligence.

July 16, in Helsinki , Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met against a backdrop of many disagreements. At the meeting, the US and Russian President discussed the issues of interference in US elections, the “troll factory”, the Crimea, compromising evidence on Trump and not only.

During the conversation, Trump said that he trusted Putin more than his own intelligence. First he explained his words with a mistake in the transcript of the conversation, and then admitted that he had made a reservation and actually fully trusted his intelligence.

For this, the American president was criticized in the US: many network users calledhim a traitor. The dictionary decided to beat the incident in a series of tweets, including publishing the definitions of the words “patriot” and “traitor.”

“Patriot: a person who loves, supports and defends his country and its interests with devotion. Traitor: a person who commits treason by betraying his country ”
Later, the account retrained Trump, who once again accused the media of distributing “fake news” because of reports about his meeting with Putin. The site has signed the entry with the definition of the word “negation”.

“Denial: the statement that something is said, accepted for faith, approved, etc. – False. Also denial: unbelief in the existence or reality of things ”
Also, beat information from Twitter that Trump was reading his statement with handwritten text, where there was a separate signature: “There is no collusion here.”

“Collusion” is often confused with a “collision”. They both have two Ls “

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