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Billionaire investor predicts bitcoine rate at $ 40,000

The billionaire from Forbes list Mark Lazri believes that in the near future the bitcoin rate will be from $ 20 thousand to $ 40 thousand per unit. Lazri noted that about one percent of his personal investments were sent to the most popular crypto currency. According to the financier, it is considered to be profitable investments in any crypto currency, however, he personally sees perspective in the bitcoins.

Mark Lazri is confident that the growth rate of bitcoin will be triggered by the growth of his popularity among Americans: the more US citizens will invest money in this crypto currency, the higher it will be priced by the market, reports Coindesk.

At the moment, the bitcoin rate is about $ 7,300 per unit after a noticeable increase a few days ago. The peak cost of bitcoin came in the winter of 2016, when one “coin” was traded for about $ 20 thousand each.

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