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Alphabet sends to Kenya balloons-routers for distribution of the Internet

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, talked about plans for covering the Internet with Kenya. The project will be implemented through a system of giant balloons, which will serve as access points. Local operator Telkom Kenya will help with the implementation of the idea, and the balls will be launched in 2019.

Project Loon is developed in the innovative lab of X company Alphabet. This technology was already used last year in Puerto Rico: then the balls helped to provide communication to 250,000 people after the hurricane. Now in Kenya they hope that the Alphabet initiative will provide access to the Internet for the entire population of the country.

Balls are equipped with solar panels to ensure the operation of routers. Access points will work in 4G networks. Devices will be located at an altitude of more than 18 kilometers above sea level (60,000 feet) – this will exclude collisions with aircraft.

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